Hostile Leadership

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Hostile Leadership EP

Cyclonious – The Natural Disaster does not play when it comes to delivering mixtape’s or albums! The Hostile Leadership Brings nothing but skill, superintendency, direction and great music. Cyclonious teams up with The Chairman Maf which is a not an unusual partnership, but for a whole project combined, this is colossal! Which makes this forthcoming EP a must for any true hip hop fan.

The concept of this upcoming Mixtape is written on the cover. Hostility on the beats, the bars, the whole world over. This is when true leadership comes into play to remedy the harsh side of life. Love, children and Brotherhood. The mixtape sticks to the type of sharp, witty, to the point and aggressive rap “Cyclonious The Natural Disaster” is known for. This is most evident in the cumbersome track titled “Smoke And Mirrors“, “You fall asleep just to visulise a nightmare, then wake up straight back in a nightmare. Cold air from the atmosphere bone shivers, put in work stay alert, smoke and mirrors.” Having equip some of the Heavyweights of the UK hip hop scene, this is the first collaborative release by Chairman Maf and what a colaboration it is! Using his encyclopaedic knowledge of music, he navigates us expertly through what can sometimes be the cliché-strewn waters of instrumental hip-hop to produce a EP that is not only melodic, but also consistently soulful; check out tracks such as ‘Together’ ‘Never Topple’ and ‘Constant Pivit’ as prime examples of this.

On anything from lyricism to political point of views, Cyclonious‘ delivery is always sharp street poetry. Chairman maf is also a producer to watch out for,  a producer who seeks to capture his listeners with his hardcore yet thought out style.  If you’re looking for depth, mind-blowing lyricism and unprecedented cleverness, this EP is for you.